Minka Kelly Talks About Her Mom

Minka Kelly’s complicated relationship with her mom!Before Minka Kelly appeared on Friday Night Lights and become a star for the upcoming movie Charlie’s Angels, she lived with her mom (single-parent) and watched her struggle to make ends meet.

In an issue of Cosmopolitan, the actress opened up what her childhood life was like and talked about her mother’s passing. Her mother was 5 feet and 11 inches tall and was very gorgeous. Minka recalls her mom trying many different jobs, which included being a stripper, in order to pay for their bills and provide her food.

Minka revealed that her relationship with her mom was quite complicated, especially that her dad, who is the former guitarist of Aerosmith, wasn’t there too often. Despite this, Kelly was there with her mom’s bedside when she succumbed to colon cancer three years ago.

Kelly declared she knew it would end up that way. Her mother became reckless and wasn’t that careful with her health. But then, she was her mom after all, so she was there when she passed away. In fact, she was holding her until her last breath.

Three years after, Kelly is now moving on with her life by concentrating on her hyped revival of “Charlie’s Angels.”  Though her career life is heating up, the same is not true for her love life.  It is noted that last August, Kelly and Yankees boyfriend Derek Jeter broke up .

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